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Plant-based healthy snacks– Buy Plant-based Jerky and plant-based snacks online

Is Bobs Plant-Based Jerky hard like traditional beef jerky and other plant-based brands? 

Bobs Jerky is a tender, nutritious and tasty jerky.

Why plant-based meat alternatives.

Our customers have increasingly been looking for alternatives to use in place of meat particularly for lunch box treats and for outdoor activities.

A healthy snack for the whole family 

Our Jerky is vegan friendly and has less salt, saturated fat, and sugar than traditional meat- based products.

Buy Jerky Online – Plant-based Jerky 

Bobs Plant-based jerky is available online and at selected retail stores.

Spicy Plant-based Jerky

A light natural flavor followed by a gentle spicy zing at the end of each bite. This snack has a great texture and is softer than traditional jerky products.  Each piece is approximately 10g and is ideal as an on-the-go snack or school lunches.

Smoked Hickory Plant-based Jerky

Just a little smokey with a secret blend of herbs and spices.  Taste it you won’t regret it.

Whole grain plant-based Jerky

Our whole grain jerky uses an nrefined ingredients that add a fantastic flavour fantastic whole grain texture.

Available in spicy and smoked Hickory.