Buy Biltong online – Tender alternative to Beef jerky

Paleo Beef Sticks

Air dried beef sticks created with our delicious herb and spice mix. Using only Paleo ingredients, these sticks are a great long life protein snack 

Packed in handy pack with 3 sticks in each to prevent those snack fights with the family - these are the ideal snack for everyone. For this price - you get 5 packs so you can always hide yourself pack for when the kids (or your partner) goes to bed. 
    • Pure NZ Beef
    • Paleo
    • No additives 
    • Gluten free
    • Nitrate and Nitrite free
    • MSG Free
    • High protein and low carb

What makes our NZ biltong different?

Imagine a tender and juicy slab of New Zealand Topside steak marinated in a secret mix of delicious spices and vinegar then slowly air-dried over 5 days to allow the flavours of our spices to seep into every crevice of the meat. We then carefully cut every slab into perfect slices that are packaged and ready to give you biltong that will “bowl you over”.

We may be biased but we believe that we make one of the best-packaged biltong NZ has seen in easy to open snack-size packets.

Available in Original Biltong, Chilli Biltong, and a crowd favourite Garlic and Chipotle Biltong.